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Reopening soon in June

Following CTCMPAO and Ministry’s COVID-19 operational requirement for health sector restart guidelines, we have reestablished for reopening in June. Dates to be determined. Meanwhile, we offer phone and online consultation.

Jingshan Cui, R. TCMP,  R. Ac.

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What happens during Acupuncture?






After a TCM consult and diagnosis, the Acupuncturist develops a treatment plan and chooses a combination of acupuncture points. Then the regular acupuncture session proceeds with following steps:

Including needle selection, choosing  patient's posture and sterilization. We are using dsiposable needles and follow Clean Needle Technique(CNT).

The needle will be put over the chosen point. The practationer will use the disposable guide tube to help skin penetration. The guide tube will be removed to achieve desired angle and depth.

If De-qi (Needling Sensation) is not achieved, certain manual manipulating techniques - like  lifting, thrusting or twisting  will be used to further strengthen the effect of the treatment.

In most cases the needle retaining time is about 15-30 minutes. But depending on the condition that is being treated, sometimes it can last longer. Sometimes, there will be no needle retaining at all.

If penetration is deep, the needle will be withdrawn slowly with a slight twisting motion to avoid pulling subcutaneous tissue or tearing the capillaries. With superficial penetration, there will always be a quick withdrawal of the needles.